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About InfraKids

InfraKids Network Solutions is a company providing various networking/telecom solutions, including consulting for the consumers of telecom/internet industry. Our diverse client base ranges from large corporations to small private cooperatives, SOHO and even households! We are presently headquartered at Bangalore, India and plan to extend our services across the globe.

Our Vision:

Enrich the lives of all our stakeholders by putting customers and their ambitions at our hearts.

Our mission:

1. Excellence: Excellence in services and the people that deliver them.
2. Value: The belief that consumers and businesses need the greatest value in all of their services.
3. Total Service Offering: Be a total communications offering that caters to the voice and data, wireless and Fixed-line requirements of its potential consumer base.


The overall objective of InfraKids is to become the total network solutions provider that fills the service gap between an ISP and the home/corporate end-user and to stand behind the commitment of providing superior service at competitive prices, there by earning the confidence of any customer who subscribes to any of our telecom services that they made the right choice.

Our People:

The management team at InfraKids has decades of combined experience in the telecommunications industry. (Our team includes alumni of top institutions such as XLRI, IIM having decades of experience in the Telecom/Networking/ISP/IT industry.) We constantly train our people so that they can fill our customers' needs as fast and efficiently as possible.